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What banks want? smart corporate treasury solutions

What banks want? (not vanilla, for sure.)

Been working in the financial services industry for a while now, especially in the middle east. Middle east is still behind in terms of (corporate banking) technology. However, demands are now way more than what could be expected out of a vanilla offer. Local payments, international payments, trade, reporting. But that’s not it. I mean, not anymore.

Why should I buy your product? I want delighted customers. External as well as Internal.

It is not worth the money if your software provides all the services/features but take “5 days” to onboard my customer (a client). I want real time customer on-boarding. Stop thinking about how to help your customer (the bank). Start thinking how to help your customer’s customer (bank’s corporate client).

It is not worth the time, if it takes two weeks to amend an authorized signatory workflow in corporate online banking.

It’s not worth the effort, if you do not have automated updates.

And extrapolate the amount of time: when a client has multi-entity (a group of entities) setup. For instance, how to go about the change when an authorized signatory staff leaves or joins a company where online banking profile has 13 entities, 45 different accounts with various currencies, mixed authorized signatories.


I will talk more about what is required at this point from an FI’s perspective, and what vendors/suppliers of such solutions can do to ensure a complete solution offer.

Stay tuned.