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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kanban vs Scrum

Kanban vs Scrum: An interesting article that I came across, thought I'd keep a link.

...Kanban is not a project management or software development lifecycle method. It is an approach to change management - a framework for catalyzing change in an organization

...Scrum uses commitment as its control mechanism for provoking changes. Commitment exists at two levels: at the personal daily level - this is reinforced with the Scrum and the 3 questions “what did you do for us yesterday?” “what will you do for us today?” and “Is anything impeding you from meeting your commitment today?”


  1. This is the way how it works,I personally feel it needs to be a needed thing because agile and scrum methodologies are having that guts in it a confident statement can be given for them.

  2. One of the criteria for selecting an agile tool in terms of Kanban or Scrum can be the time required. One of these methodology works well when there is shortage of time in terms of deadlines; the other one works well in situations where more time is required to carry out tasks when a diminutive iteration cannot satisfy the work.

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