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How to: Merge Multiple Xmls?

Easiest, simplest, fastest way? ...could be, well, if you don't want any checks to be performed(duplicates, zombies, etc), and are using .NET 3.5 or above:

var ResultXml = XDocument.Load("file1.xml");

Cool, right? (0:
Or if you are "still" a fan of pre-date'rs, use XmlDocument:

static void AppendChildren(XmlWriter xmlWriter, string strFilePath)
    using (XmlReader xmlReader = XmlReader.Create(strFilePath))
        int nDepth = xmlReader.Depth + 1;
        if (xmlReader.Read())
            while (xmlReader.Depth == nDepth)
                xmlWriter.WriteNode(xmlReader, true);

Or better, if you want, would be to make it an extention method:

static void AppendChildren(this XmlWriter xmlWriter, string strFilePath)

All you have to do is to call .ToAppendChildren() method.

Happy programming! (0: