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Phases in life of a “software developer”–Types of developers! Who am i?

Do you call yourself developer? If so, where exactly do you stand in the following table? Following table peeks into the “professional” life of a software developer



Wannabe Developer

Developer, as a profession

Senior developer

Principal developer


Chief architect


Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


Copy pasting code, trying to merge; doesn’t know/care about changes

Very resistant to change; spaghetti code.

Ok to change, but provides no suggestions; tries to follow coding standards.

Ok to change, provide suggestions, brainstorm;, finds alternate solutions;

Accept changes, provide alternate solutions, face mortar board

Brings change

Thought process?

Not available (0:

Doesn’t think

Thinks about how;

Following industry standards and practices.

Provide feedbacks, comments, corrections

Build industry standards

Sticks around


Functional/method level implementation; coding

Available libraries, classes,

Reusable components

Thinking process is more in terms of business strategy; provides solutions; face mortar board, provide alternate solutions, answer any missing questions

Mortar board; business, technology

Inclines toward Coder; coding



how; componentized approach


enterprise approach


business market

Goal To go home Learning Advancement, participation,

Think around technology

Thinks around scalability, availability, modularity, loose coupling high cohesion, security, etc.

Thinks around business strategy


High light the first row of the table above, to see exactly where you stand.

Btw, no offense to anyone, these are just thoughts out of small experience that I have.

Enjoy! (0: