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CSS: Challenges of being a CSS-P

Some time back I conducted a small training regarding CSS. There was a whole lotta debate that went on and on regarding Tables vs DIV, and then we went into being the CSS-P (Pure-CSS).

Consider the following table. What if your user/customer wants to copy the data into their excelsheet?

But somehow the user is disturbingly-surprised to findout that she cant do that.

Curiously, she tries to ViewSource and finds out the following html code:

So eventually, shes hating the CSS-Ps and the DIVs; because a new tag is just not helping her.

So, can we use CSS (DIV) for Tabular data?

Should we?

To enhance the user experience of your website.

Copy and paste rows to an excelsheet; From a DIV'd data and Table‘d.

Btw, a tabled data would produce something like following in the excelsheet.

You might just have delighted your customer!

So, DIV says ‘go table go’?

DIV = layout
Table = data

If you are interested, checkout http://gomontessori.com/ a CSS-P website.

Happy styling!