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TDPE2: Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever 2

http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/ - Second puzzle with 100 levels, no one has completed it yet! It started two days ago, May 31st.

I'm stuck at level 7 - looping around!
Following are the answers till 9 :(

Note that, I am sharing the first few puzzles in case some one is "stuck" on a level and try a different one. Please do not scroll down otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of such puzzles.

Level 0. Step1.aspx

Level 1.
Clue: Try step2.aspx
Answer: step2.aspx
Level 2.

Clue: See step3.png
Answer: stepthree.aspx
Level 3.
Clue: Parse the morse code
Answer: four.aspx
Level 4.

Clue: type the grayed characters
Answer: fiveisit.aspx
Level 5.

Open source:
Come on and get in the boat, fish! Come on and 

get in the boat, fish fish!

 Passphrase =   


Clue: google Strong bad email, open hrwiki article, goto number 44
Answer: lures & jigs

Level 6.

[HttpException]: The file '/lasteasyone.aspx' does not exist.
Clue: Open source code
Answer: http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/tdpe2/Level1.aspx -->

Level 7. Dont ask! I'm stuck :( see the picture above.
Clue: Tried, subtracting red ones from the black ones, addition, 'bookkeeping' etc etc.
Answer: Know, and let me know!


Got the answer already :); rotate the image upside down, subtract red ones from the black ones; you get 5537. Rotate back the number akin to the original numbers of the image, it'd give you LESS (5537) - Turn the "less" upside down to see 5537!

Level 8.
(ruby - ru) + (foxpro - po - fox) + (python - p - t - (hay - a)) + s + (delphi - phi - el) + (java - va - j) + (ugg + h - g) + te + r + ?

Combining this gives: by r on s d a uh te r
Clue: Google for Byrons daughter
Answer: Ada Lovelace

Level 9.

Clue:The image “view- source:http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/tdpe2/Assets/Images/puzzle.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Save the .png on your desktop as .txt, open the file.  

Answer:http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/tdpe2/ThatsNotAKnife.aspx Important to note, is that don't forget the keep track of the "Clue" tag in all of the pages, I believe it will lead some where.

Lets move on! :)


  1. Anonymous02 June

    You are using the right approach for 7, but your final answer needs to be converted to text.

  2. Im on level 9, but i really have no idea for his one.

  3. I'm still figuring out the 8th one; following is what I am able to comprehend:

    Ruby - SomeNumbers(I really dont understand this screen) +

    Visual FoxPro - KFP (Kungfu Panda) - FoxPro?
    Something - W - T - (HAY - A) ...

    EL + Something + R + H

    :) Still hung in there.

  4. Anonymous02 June

    the numbers are from the periodic table.

  5. @Anonymous: Thanks for the periodic table hint! ")

  6. Thanks for the Level 7 hints - now working on 8 as well :)

  7. I'm stuck on level 14! :(

  8. Level 14! im stuck on 13. I cant figure out the html. Also, the kung fu pandas name is Po ;-)

  9. If you're stuck on 13, look harder at the stylesheets.

  10. Stuck at 8! :)

    Something like following:
    (RUBY - R) + (FOXPRO - PO - FOX) +
    (SomeSoftwareLogo - K - T - (HAY - A)) + S
    (L) + (JAVA - MAP - Y) +
    (WELLIES+ H - G)+TE + R + H

  11. Heh, I was stuck there a while ago. The software logo is a logo for a popular web language that is also a snake and what you think are WELLIES are in fact, UGGS. Hope that helps :)

  12. Python!!! What got into me... argh! My bad! Thanks Wang.

  13. Yes, you need to try making an offline version of the web page for 13, but remember, relative paths to the css won't work. After that, one quick change to the html will alter the output so not all the letters show.

  14. Anonymous02 June

    For 13, just do a print preview!!! I'm stuck on 14

  15. Anonymous02 June

    Actually starting to find this boring, not much to do with development often!

  16. @Anonymous: Actually the puzzle is all about the web/internet; but not all questions are related to development.

  17. Anonymous03 June

    Level 8:
    (ruby - ru) + (foxpro - po - fox) + (python - p - t - (hay - a)) + s + (delphi - phi - el) + (java - va - j) + (ugg + h - g) + te + r + ?

    Combining this gives: by r on s d a uh te r

    Not able to get the name from this :(

  18. Do a google search on "Byron's Daughter", if you don't already know Lord Byron's famous Daughter.

  19. 14th? i'm still hanging around 10th!

  20. The cheapest(time wise) till now was ninth!

  21. i'm calling it quits @14

  22. Anonymous03 June

    and 9 ?

  23. @Anon: See level 9 edit above.

  24. Anonymous03 June

    Arg, #24 is driving me nuts...

  25. Hey Anon, be a dear and give a hint on 14? ^_^

  26. #14 = Check out the track #'s to the songs listed and how they could correspond to the band names... the answer is the profession all of the people involved share

    #15 - Check out the hint in the source.

  27. Anonymous06 June

    any hints for 24?