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TDPE2: Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever 2

http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/ - Second puzzle with 100 levels, no one has completed it yet! It started two days ago, May 31st.

I'm stuck at level 7 - looping around!
Following are the answers till 9 :(

Note that, I am sharing the first few puzzles in case some one is "stuck" on a level and try a different one. Please do not scroll down otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of such puzzles.

Level 0. Step1.aspx

Level 1.
Clue: Try step2.aspx
Answer: step2.aspx
Level 2.

Clue: See step3.png
Answer: stepthree.aspx
Level 3.
Clue: Parse the morse code
Answer: four.aspx
Level 4.

Clue: type the grayed characters
Answer: fiveisit.aspx
Level 5.

Open source:
Come on and get in the boat, fish! Come on and 

get in the boat, fish fish!

 Passphrase =   


Clue: google Strong bad email, open hrwiki article, goto number 44
Answer: lures & jigs

Level 6.

[HttpException]: The file '/lasteasyone.aspx' does not exist.
Clue: Open source code
Answer: http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/tdpe2/Level1.aspx -->

Level 7. Dont ask! I'm stuck :( see the picture above.
Clue: Tried, subtracting red ones from the black ones, addition, 'bookkeeping' etc etc.
Answer: Know, and let me know!


Got the answer already :); rotate the image upside down, subtract red ones from the black ones; you get 5537. Rotate back the number akin to the original numbers of the image, it'd give you LESS (5537) - Turn the "less" upside down to see 5537!

Level 8.
(ruby - ru) + (foxpro - po - fox) + (python - p - t - (hay - a)) + s + (delphi - phi - el) + (java - va - j) + (ugg + h - g) + te + r + ?

Combining this gives: by r on s d a uh te r
Clue: Google for Byrons daughter
Answer: Ada Lovelace

Level 9.

Clue:The image “view- source:http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/tdpe2/Assets/Images/puzzle.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Save the .png on your desktop as .txt, open the file.  

Answer:http://toughestdeveloperpuzzleever.com/tdpe2/ThatsNotAKnife.aspx Important to note, is that don't forget the keep track of the "Clue" tag in all of the pages, I believe it will lead some where.

Lets move on! :)