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Google Nexus One: The V Turn

While switching tv channels I saw the news slide on CNN, Google taking a step back from their recently launched Google Nexus One.

Though the phone was much appreciated by the industry, but rather than going straight for what was planned, Google, it seems is moving towards a diverted route, the V.
Google has quietly canceled plans to release a Verizon version of its Nexus One phone and is instead steering customers toward the HTC Incredible.
A worth reading article discloses the meaning of latest developments for the search giant's plans in mobile industry.
I think the primary reason, besides low sales, it failed is the lack of mature community for Nexus One; those who have handon experience of the device. Usually, people tend to buy products that they know it works, besides the brand name. But some people are just hating the phone.

People are looking for Nexus One related help, but it seems they are in dire agony (0:
The volume of complaints points to a problem that Google faces now that it has decided to try to push a new cell-phone-buying model in the U.S. Since most people buy subsidized phones from a mobile operator, they turn to the operator when they have problems. - PCWorld
 Goodluck Google!