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Colors of life

1. I believe everything and everyone has a purpose in life. Oblivious or obvious. Allah swt has created some people whose work is to help other people directly or indirectly, going out of the way or just by a therapeutic-talk to someone. They may not even know, because that is so a part of their nature. Probably at some point in time they would sit down and think that they are of no use, but eventually they may realize that they are.

2. Allah swt has created some people whom you want to be around. You may not even know them personally, but just an overhearing about their knowledge, and wisdom, and humbleness, and the insight that they possess about the vast experience of life; they bring a series of joyous moments that you would really want to enjoy every bit of it, and eventually get addicted to such a flavor of life. It is like, raining... and you are able to catch each drop of rain over you skin and on your eyes, and lips and mouth and hands - wide open.

3. I see life as colors, some time back while discussing an odd topic with friends, I came to realize.

Every phase of life is a color; and we should enjoy all colors.

For instance, smiles are green, sadness is dark pink, solitude is gray - happiness with bright blue-white-sky'ish(if thats a color);

Being a toddler is with another color. Being young is another. Life with parent is another color. There could be overlapping colors. For instance, the part of life when you are young and living with parents. Good moments, bad moments - another color.

Married life, another color. Life with kids, your own kids, another color. Waking up in the middle of the night out of deepest of a slumber to feed your baby - another color.

Not necessarily you have to be old in order to experience colors. People who have NDE saw yet another color of life(or death?). Obviously they wouldn't want to experience such a color again, but thats just another color of life that they experienced.

Not necessarily that color that you have seen matches exactly to mine. For instance your experience of running a brand new Corvette Z10 might be different that mine. If you were sitting beside me then your color may be yellowish-brown out of fear, and mine could be shocking-greenish out of fun. (0:

The colors around the people discussed in 1, and 2, can be way different than people who show-case their helps.

Good colors - bad colors. Life without parents, life in poverty, the phase of life when you have crush, infatuation, love, hatred... everything; just more colors than 4.2 billion colors that we are able to define.

A friend complained about the married life; and that its hard get some space to breath; and everyone is so demanding, toddlers waking up all night, cant get enough sleep, etc.

My stand was to "enjoy" the color of life. It is always going to change; you would miss these colors afterward, and this color - at its intensity - is never going to come back again.

The point? is that life is full of colors!

And every color is ought to fade away with the passage of time.

So, enjoy all colors.