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Out of my diary: Rizk or Fate - The Myth

Rizk? we call it Rizzak in our language. you may call it... the food!

They say it is the Rizk that takes you... whever you go... or where ever you plan to go.

I disagree.

I say, its up to us... where ever we plan to go, we go there.. you get your rizk there.

"Success is a choice - and so is failure" - Farhad Karamally.

I believe Whever you go the rizk will follow. And not that... where ever will be the rizk.. we will somehow, in trance, follow the path towards food automatically.

Just think abt it, if the rizk were to make us follow, then what choices are we left with??

Such a fable-myth, i would call it, prevails in our society!

My argument is always like: what about the other people on earth? wat about americans, germans, russians, indians, koreans, etc? Dont they get to eat things? They go watever they decide for, they do watever they plan to, and etc., but none say anything about rizk making them follow.

well, I dont believe the Rizk is there to make us follow it.

I mean people say, that, unconciously.. indirectly you get the feelings of the things that you somehow endup in planning... the way towards the rizk? now this, I think is crap!!! We thinking, we plan, and we execute is all I believe. Bad plan bad results, good plans good results.

Its up to us, "we", to think use brains and consultation and discussions to come to a conclusion and then decide, and the output will directly depend on the thoughtfulness of our decision; well... and it could be, sometimes, unexpected? the result! I believe when we actually endup with nothing good (bad plan), we call it fate. We accuse our kismets!

We do believe, that there is a promise about the Rizk. Everyone will get it no matter what or where ever!

But I donot believe, I mean I do not find single good reason that can help me accept the false myth.

We need to make an effort to get the promised food.

I believe, we can go wherever we want, and the rizk will follow... or even if it doesnt follow... you will somehow be able get your hungry belly filled anyway, so that means we need to make an effort to get the promised food, unless otherwise with an explicit intervention of God (Allah SWT). Like Moses people used to get Man-o-Salwa upon which they said ""O Moses! we cannot endure one kind of food (always).." (Al - Quran 2:61)

All i want to say.... is that I disagree.