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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Recipe to failure - CTP Exam

How I failed my CTP Exam: (read also: what did I do to fail?

Okay, so here is the trick.

Look for something entirely new (Treasury Management)
  • A book with ~1000 pages in Mandarin 
  • Home-made flash cards 
  • And of course - a couple of kids (add, as many as you like - not to mention, of your own) 
  • Some Liquidity (that is: *Cash* not yet claimed by your wife) 

Mix all of it well, and well… you’re all set to fail.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Part I: How to fail an Exam?

Seriously? looking for a recipe to fail? Well then – wait no more, jump directly the section marked as The Recipe to Fail.

However, if you were forced to descend on this land-of-rants via some strange looking link out of google search result then, may God be with you and I hope and pray this post wouldn’t disappoint you in on how to achieve the epics of failure.

Well, they say: “Failing to plan, is a plan to fail”. 

But, hold on! Before you judge my ingenious self, let me quote, “Never confuse education with intelligence” – I don’t know whoever said that, but just keep that in mind while you scan through my rant.

Times make me wonder if it’s a genetic fault, or was a failed-experiment mutated in my genes by UFO hovering Dubai Skies while I slumber – as to why (unknown/strange) I happen to look for trouble (I was gonna write *challenges* but that didn’t sound just right.).

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