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Part II: How to become a consultant , employed, independent or contract - Pricing model

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Part II: What should be the pricing model

So what could be pricing model. Interesting you may find, all across Europe, your services are rented on per hour basis. For instance her in Asian sub continent, one would ask your monthly expected salary. But if you were somewhere in UK, do not wonder if they ask you about hourly charges. You better calculate that before appearing in any interview. Same holds good for USA. Not sure about the eastern region - Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, etc.

Generally there are 250 billable days per year. How so? Lets see a possible breakup for billable hours per year; a breakup that you can also think of, could be as follows:

1 Month = 4 weeks
Now, 4 weeks x 12 months = 48 weeks + the odd days of the month (for instance, not all months are of 30, so add 2 weeks, ~15 days, of variation)

So, 48 weeks + 2 weeks = 50 weeks.

Note that the above 50-weeks includes weekends, holidays, and sickness leaves.

This concludes that your baseline in calculating the work weeks shall be 50 weeks per year.

Now lets calculate the work hours per year:

A usual 9 to 5 job corresponds to 8 working hours. So, working for 8 hours per day(btw, do you work for straight 8 hours?), that makes it:

8 hours x 5 days a week = 40 hours per week; if you are lost, then continue reading - you don't have a choice (0;