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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Out of my diary: Dil hi to hai

Some time ago... while life was trying to teach some lessons, I came up with following random 'lessons-learned' rants:

..:: Dil hi to hai ::..

koi na raha, sab hi gaye lekin ye dil to hai
vo raatein vo shamein na rahin... lekin ye dil to hai

rah-e-safer mein hamsafer jo banay.. koi ruk gaya.. koi roag gaye
vo hamsafer vo saathi na rahay... lekin ye dil to hai

na diya raha na lakar rahay .... na mosam-e-visaal
kuch na raha jalnay kay liye... lekin ye dil to hai

vo aarzu vo khahishein... vo tamannaen sabhi gayeen
vo jazbaat gar chalay bhi gaye... lekin ye dil to hai

koi khushyan jo theen kuch yaar-e-dil-o-jaan vo gayeen
ghamgeen sahi veeraan hi sahi... lekin ye dil to hai

koi raah mein jamud tha.. koi pyar mein na saakoot tha
ruka hua ... dukha dukha... lekin ye dil to hai

vo jo yaad hai ... vo ek baat thee..
raat gayee... baat gayee... lekin ye dil to hai


  1. khan sahab, "ye dil" kon hain??? ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment; these are just random thoughts that were collected over a period of time. No context associated (0:


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