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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Malware removal: liveadexchange,, smartnewtab, cpmofferconvert

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Web browser randomly (almost on every mouse click) being redirected to a different site. When infected with this mal(ad)ware, advertising banners are injected with advertisement hyperlinks, browser popups appear which recommend fake updates, AdBlocker(plus) or other addons does not work.

Took me a while (~an hour) but finally nailed it.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rewind: Project Managment Process Groups

A quick and heavenly reference card to identify project management process groups.

Project Management Artifacts
Charter/management plan
Identify stakeholders
Collect requirements
Define scope
Create WBS
Activity list, schedule & budget
Communication plan
Risk assessment
ad hoc
Changes and Issues Log
ad hoc
Change Request
ad hoc
Status Report
ad hoc
Meeting Agenda and Notes
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Friday, July 31, 2015

“It’s not over, until I win” – How I passed CTP Exam?

Inspiration: "Its not over until I win" – Les Brown 

So what kept me hanging in there? The challenge.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Recipe to failure - CTP Exam

How I failed my CTP Exam: (read also: what did I do to fail?

Okay, so here is the trick.

Look for something entirely new (Treasury Management)
  • A book with ~1000 pages in Mandarin 
  • Home-made flash cards 
  • And of course - a couple of kids (add, as many as you like - not to mention, of your own) 
  • Some Liquidity (that is: *Cash* not yet claimed by your wife) 

Mix all of it well, and well… you’re all set to fail.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Part I: How to fail an Exam?

Seriously? looking for a recipe to fail? Well then – wait no more, jump directly the section marked as The Recipe to Fail.

However, if you were forced to descend on this land-of-rants via some strange looking link out of google search result then, may God be with you and I hope and pray this post wouldn’t disappoint you in on how to achieve the epics of failure.

Well, they say: “Failing to plan, is a plan to fail”. 

But, hold on! Before you judge my ingenious self, let me quote, “Never confuse education with intelligence” – I don’t know whoever said that, but just keep that in mind while you scan through my rant.

Times make me wonder if it’s a genetic fault, or was a failed-experiment mutated in my genes by UFO hovering Dubai Skies while I slumber – as to why (unknown/strange) I happen to look for trouble (I was gonna write *challenges* but that didn’t sound just right.).

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What is Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Exam?

Certified Treasury Professional® (CTP) is a globally recognized certification within Financial Services Industry. It was first introduced as the Certified Cash Manager (CCM). It sets the standard or benchmark by which individuals demonstrate their competency and professionalism in corporate treasury. This certificate is more US, Canada, Australia focused/inclined.

On the other hand, CertICM is counterpart certification provided by Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) that focuses on Europe, MENA region, and even in East Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, etc). CertICM is called Certified in International Cash Management.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Worlds Best Design Patterns

Quick glance at design patterns, hand


Deep copy/shallow copy

Hides everything; one interface for all of the functionality; Complex subsystem
Create views for different types of documents;(html, pdf, doc, xml, etc)
Centralized creation of objects

create database connection for diff types of databases (sql, oracle, mysql, etc)
Decouple concrete classes from clients
Abstract Factory
Factory of factories

Report builder, header, footer, type (pdf, html, excel)
Separates construction from representation
Commands from the file menu; New, Open, Print, Exit
Iterates through a list of objects

Context help menu, help request goes to all of the controls on the windows forms; and whoever is responsible to provide the help, provides the help
Every objects gets a chance to perform its function. More:

Unit of work
Manages a business transaction (That may contain list of transactions)
For instance, getting user input into a wizard.
Producer-Consumer Patter
A server getting millions of connections. All pushed into a queue, and processed one by one (or multiple, depending on server architecture).
Repository Pattern
Usually used with an ORM, that takes the responsibility of performing CRUD, by providing business methods

Multi device infrastructure

 Happy designing!

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